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Eastern Knife - Halifax Knife Sharpening

Professional Sharpening Services

About Eastern Knife

Utilizing a blend of traditional techniques and modern technology, Eastern Knife delivers precisely honed blades on time, every time.


Offering local drop-off, international delivery, and mobile services within parts of the Canadian Maritimes*, Eastern Knife ensures you are without your blades as briefly as possible.


With the ability to sharpen a wide array of cutting tools and utensils, chefs, construction contractors, and at-home craftsmen alike value our services.


For questions about our pricing or for a quote, please contact us.


*All prices in Canadian dollars



Kitchen knives

UPS drop-off location charge

Business location drop-off charge

$1.75 / inch

$5.00 / order

$5.00 / order

Straight razors

Large bush shears

Small hand pruners


Axe / hatchet

Scissors / Tailor’s shears

Pocket knife (1 blade)

Pocket knife (2 blades)

Pocket knife (3 blades)


Lawn mower blade

Cuisinart blade

Fixed blade (hunting / tactical)

$20.00 / each

$16.00 / each

$10.00 / each

$10.00 / each

$10.00 / each

$10.00 / each

$8.00 / each

$10.00 / each

$12.00 / each

$1.50 / each

$15.00 / each

$9.00 / each

$2.00 / each


Please feel free to contact us with questions about our services, a price quote, to set up a mobile sharpening appointment, or to just say hello!

*Note: we do not have a store front.  Our drop-off location is the UPS store at 1083 Queen St, Halifax NS.  The staff is happy to receive your drop-off.  Orders are picked up / dropped off twice daily.

Please include your name, address and phone number with your order. 

To avoid delays, please send us a message to let us know you have dropped off your order.

Please package / tape  your blades for safety.